Tastemakers: Meet Rebecca Plotnick, Every Day Parisian

Rebecca Plotnick, the talented woman behind Every Day Parisian is someone we’ve had our eye on for quite some time because we love how she is living that French art de vivre. For one, her photography is so dreamy but also through her blog and photography she shares her love of Paris and uses her platform to inspire a community of Francophiles all over the world. Since 2010 she has been living and traveling back and forth between Chicago and Paris and she is proof that no matter where you go Paris is always with you once this city has touched you in some way. Rebecca is the perfect candidate for our Tastemakers series because she knows how to truly find joy and beauty in every day moments. We hope you enjoy reading her holiday plans and below you'll find some of her top prints for sale in her shop. Be sure to click the images to snap these beauties up. 

How do you plan on celebrating the holidays this year? Will you make any changes with the ongoing Pandemic?
This will be the first year away from my family. I am really missing them a lot and the holidays will make it even harder. I will be celebrating in Chicago. My Dad will come visit and I am making my first ever turkey. The holiday will be a lot smaller than our usual large gathering we have in Florida.

How do you make sure to keep things festive or the joy of togetherness present? 
I usually make cookies with my niece and nephew and bring them matching pajamas. We will do everything over FaceTime this year. I will send them a special box with holiday cheer to keep us connected.

What’s a recipe you make every holiday season? An old faithful?
I make a few different cookies every year. I always do Dorie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies (chocolate sablé) and the kids help me.

What are your tips for bringing joy and life to your table and creating special moments? How will you make this year memorable?
This year, I purchased my first plates from Madame de la Maison and I moved into a new place. I am looking forward to setting the table with the new plates and linens. My mom’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and she always sets the table before the guests arrive. It will be up to me to make the magic happen.

How do you plan a table setting? 
It will be blue themed since those are the colors of my plates and linens. I will pick up flowers from the local florist.

Do you change your table setting every holiday season or do you keep it the same with traditions? Do you have a table theme or color scheme you are already planning for this holiday season? 
This will be my first year at home. We usually use my sister’s china so this will have a different look and feel to it. Last year, we had over 20 people so this year will feel different and more intimate.

A quote we live by at MDLM is “fellowship is life” by the early 20th century textile designer William Morris. What does that mean to you? 
I instantly think of community. This year, I have really spent time connecting with my online community of my blog Everyday Parisian more than ever. I cherish these special relationships I have formed over the last year.

Which product or products from the Madame de la Maison shop are on your holiday wishlist and why?
I have my eye on some teacups, more plates and rose colored linens are HIGH on my wishlist :)

Check out some of Rebecca's beautiful photographs, which you can purchase on her printshop

And be sure to follow her adventures on Instagram @everydayparisian

Rebecca Plotnic from Every Day Parisian Featured on Madame de la Maison
Rebecca Plotnick from Every Day Parisian featured on Madame de la Maison
Rebecca Plotnick from Every Day Parisian featured on Madame de la Maison
Rebecca Plotnick from Every Day Parisian featured on Madame de la Maison
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