Pair of Hand-Painted Italian Maiolica Vases


Beautiful pair of hand-painted Italian Maiolica vases. Hand painted on the underside of the base of each vessel respectively: “Volpi, Deruta, Italy, 126” and “S. Volpi, Deruta, Italy, 726”.

One of the vases has a repaired chip on the lip of the vessel.

15 cm tall
9 cm wide lip 

A little history on Italian Maiolica:
Italian maiolica reached its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries and was known for its hand-painted designs often inspired from ancient classical ornamentation.  While some works incorporated biblical or narrative scenes, others were influenced from the re-discovery of Roman ruins and mythology.   The wares have become known for their signature color combination of orangey-reds, cadmium yellows, royal blues, and emerald greens.  Deruta became a major center for Maiolica during the Renaissance and continued to the tradition throughout the centuries. 

In the twentieth century, Serafino Volpi was one of the celebrated painters and ceramicists to revive the classic Renaissance style for the Maiolica Deruta company.  These hand-painted Italian vases were created in the early-to-mid-twentieth century by Serafino Volpi in Deruta, Italy.  They feature arabesques (or intertwining foliage) along with grotesques (or designs that intermix animal, human, and plant forms) and illustrate classical Renaissance motifs.   

Found in Normandy 


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