Get To Know: Chi-Young Bang of So BANG Tea Time Paris

When we first laid eyes on So BANG cookies we could barely believe they were edible. They look like precious little jewels or works of art and come in gorgeous Tiffany-blue boxes.  We immediately wanted to know more. 

Chi-Young Bang, the founder of So BANG Tea Time Paris, got her start in fashion as the former deputy Fashion Director of Glamour Magazine in Munich, Germany. After working for over 14 years in fashion, a six-month sabbatical in Paris gave her the opportunity to re-evaluate her career. Drawing on her trained fashion eye and love of pastries, she decided to create So BANG’s Haute Couture biscuits. She did two internships in a patisserie and a hotel to learn the techniques and opened So BANG Tea Time Paris in 2015. 

Chi-Young is passionate about creating edible works of art for special occasions and has worked with many luxury clients such as Cartier, Dior, and Vogue. She hand-decorates each cookie, which she refers to as biscuits, using royal icing and edible watercolors to make unique and breathtaking designs. 

We hope you enjoy learning more about the woman whose creative talents are behind these pretty delicacies. Also we highly recommend you order a box for yourself or a perfect present for that friend. 

sobang decorative cookies with box on mdlm table top

Madame de la Maison: Where did you get the inspiration to create Haute Couture biscuits? How did you make the move from fashion to food?
Chi-Young Bang: I´ve been working for 14 years as a fashion stylist for Glamour magazine and I’m still working in the fashion industry as a fashion designer and consultant. It's my other big passion. My inspiration and ideas come from fashion, but also from art, decoration, and nature. I wanted to create something different, an edible art piece that is not just a biscuit, but a piece of jewelry with which you please someone and put a smile on their face.


MDLM: You created So BANG after a successful career as a fashion stylist. What drives you to keep challenging yourself?
CB: My motto is “Keep dreaming and dream big”.


MDLM: Your biscuits are like edible works of art. How and when did you first discover your artistic talents?
CB: I was always interested in art and have loved painting since I was a child. It’s something I completely immerse myself in; I can paint for hours! I majored in art at school and studied fashion design.


sobang decorative cookie on mdlm antique china plate

MDLM: You have an incredibly diverse range of designs. How do you keep coming up with new ones?
CB: Always go through the world with open eyes and try to change your point of view from time to time. I try to find inspiration in everything I see.


MDLM: What has been your greatest achievement? Do you still have goals to fulfill?
CB: I´m proud of what I´ve built with So BANG. Of course, there are still some goals I would like to fulfill. I’d love to do some pop-up stores in Paris or enter into interesting collaborations. Why not create some beautiful porcelain for tea time?


MDLM: What is your typical working day like? How do you balance business with pleasure?
CB: As a self-employed person, I have the luxury of being in control of my time.

Yoga and meditation are an important part of my life, so I try to start or end the day with some practice to balance myself. It gives me energy and positive vibes.

In the mornings, I work on emails, sketches, and inspirations for new ideas. I love drawing and it is fun to work on mood boards and see the creative process of your work.

In the afternoons, I test colors, work on new techniques, or decorate biscuits. One of the things I love most is taking pictures of the little edible art pieces; putting everything in a scene and seeing the result.

After work, I love to spend time in nature. It boosts my creativity.


sobang decorative cookies on silver antique mdlm platter

MDLM: What plans do you have for So BANG in 2022?
CB: I would love to open a pop-up store so that more people can access my biscuits and be part of the So BANG Paris world. 


MDLM: So BANG biscuits are perfect for serving at special occasions and events. How important is cooking and sharing food to you?
CB: Cooking and sharing with family and friends has always played a major role in our family and it is very important to me. I cherish the moments when I am surrounded by people who share my interest in food. When someone appreciates the food I’ve created, it makes me happy.


MDLM: Who has been the most influential woman in your life and how did she make an impact? 
CB: My mother, without a doubt. She always showed me that you can do anything if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

sobang cookies on mdlm glass cut cakestand


MDLM: What items in the Madame de la Maison shop right now would you love to have for your own table?
CB: I love the cake stands, which work perfectly to serve So BANG biscuits. Also So BANG biscuits would look so cute on the set of 4 mix and match blue and white plates.


MDLM: Tell us something about you that would surprise people.
CB: When people see my work, they might think that Im patient, but in fact, Im not very patient at all.


To follow SoBang on Instagram: Instagram/sobangparis 
or visit her website here:

Interview by Louise Chamberlain 

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