Tastemakers: Meet Gen Sohr, Pencil & Paper Co.

There is so much I want to say about Gen Sohr from Pencil & Paper Co. but I am going to save it for a more in depth profile in the new year so stay tuned. I find her so special because she is a woman who truly believes in encouraging other women and I have sat in front of her and listened to her speak and felt all the feels. She is pretty special so seriously stay tuned for a deeper profile but in the meantime you can follow her on instagram here. For today I thought we'd pop in and see what she has planned for this Christmas holiday that looks a bit different. 

How do you plan on celebrating the holidays this year? Will you make any changes with the ongoing Pandemic?
The holidays will certainly be much quieter this year. Sadly, we will have far less social interaction with family and friends, but we are taking this extra time at home to plan new ways to spread a little love to those that are alone this time of year.

How do you make sure to keep things festive or the joy of togetherness present? 
Now more than ever, remaining positive and spreading kindness is so important. We've been collecting little vintage treasures for friends and can't wait to wrap them up in festive holiday wrapping and help spread a little holiday cheer!

What’s a recipe you make every holiday season? An old faithful?
Hmm....in full transparency, my husband is the chef in our family! But, when the temperatures drop I do love to make real hot chocolate from scratch and serve it in a beautiful vintage cup, of course!

What are your tips for bringing joy and life to your table and creating special moments? How will you make this year memorable?
One of the joys of spending more time at home is the ability to indulge in setting a beautiful table and lingering over an extra long meal with those you love the most. We especially love a table filled with pattern and color, and we always make sure to include a few vintage favorites!

How do you plan a table setting? 
I'm typically pretty in the moment. I have drawers filled with special linens and tableware and usually let exploring those be the jumping off point.

Do you change your table setting every holiday season or do you keep it the same with traditions? Do you have a table theme or color scheme you are already planning for this holiday season? 
I love to keep it fresh and try something new each year...but I'm certain this year's table will include a pop of green and probably fresh peonies!

A quote we live by at MDLM is “fellowship is life” by the early 20th century textile designer William Morris. What does that mean to you? 
I couldn't agree more. Finding "your people" and connecting with others that share your passions is one of the great joys of life. I think fellowship is especially important during these unprecedented and socially isolating times. It's actually the reason that we launched P+P Creative Club. We truly believe there is nothing more powerful than women supporting women!

Which product or products from the Madame de la Maison shop are on your holiday wishlist and why?
Vintage champagne coupes make any cocktail feel elegant. I'm also forever collecting vintage Jasperware because I adore the color. And nothing is more special than gifting vintage french kitchen linens paired with a beautiful hand soap!

Gen Sohr from Paper & Pencil Co.. 

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