Etruscan Floral Playing Cards


Inspired by the delight and whimsy of le jeu around the dinner table, Madame de la Maison proudly presents her decks of playing cards.

This design is based on decorative tinted panels from the 18th century which were inspired by neoclassical revival styles and antiquity. It is a whimsical design with a stylized etruscan vase, florals and swags.

Bringing joy to any occasion, French royals and courtiers enjoyed a game of cards over a picnic or in special gaming rooms. Now, les cartes à jouer still bring pleasure to everyone, young and old. There’s something timeless about the glee of the game.

These cards contain 13 each from the traditional houses trèfles ♣, carreaux ♦, cœurs ♥, and piques ♠, plus les jokers. Each card feels beautiful in a hand, crafted in Alsace from opaque toile paper. 

On the player's side, each design is inspired by unique, hand-crafted panel drawings from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Made in Alsace
Standard “poker” deck with 54 cards
63 x 89 mm
Printed on 310g opaque toile paper, which has the slight appearance of fabric.

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