Flacon "Aux Abeilles" From Guerlain


Le flacon "Aux Abeilles" was commission by Napolean III for Empress Eugenia and designed by Pochet & du Courvel. It was originally inspired by Vendome and created to house Eau de Cologne Impériale for the Empress. Decorative bees were a symbol of Napoleon III and have since then become Guerlain's house symbol

1000ml (34 fl oz) bottle.

26 cm tall with stopper

Eau de cologne label still attached.

Bottle released in 1853 but this model with round stopper released in 1947.

Perfect to hold rose or lavender water as well as to display on a shelf.  

Found in Le Soutterain, France in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 

Photos by Ainsley Duyvestyn-Smith

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