18th Century Pair of Brass Candelabras

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Pair of brass late 18th century brass candelabras. You can see the seam running down this magnificent pair and on the arms, which shows you it was cast in two parts and soldered together. This is a key way to identify candlesticks and candelabras of the 18th century.

The base is decorated with an etched crosshatch, beading and scallops decoration. The knops and columns appear to be stylized acanthus leaf decorations which are also dripping from the arms. The sconce and drip pans are detachable and also decorated with beading and stylized leaves.  

This pair is quite heavy and in excellent condition with patina that can be polished but is charming as it is.  

16.5 in tall
9.8 in at widest point
5.4 in wide base

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