Madame de la Maison's first capsule collection of caftans is a seemingly simple throw-on dress for any occasion, yet the thoughtful draping adds flair and glamour. The caftan is long and lengthening to any figure, spacious to suit all body types, and flowy to provide gracious movement with each step. The dress has pockets, which we all love on a dress, to store necessities or for that attitude pose. Like any good versatile caftan, you will dress it up or down depending on your desires du jour. 

Thyme has hints of green or blue that comes through depending on the light and the backdrop. This nuanced characteristic makes thyme an exceptionally unique color.  It pairs nicely with dark shades as well as with pastels and lighter tones.

Fabric: 100% linen from flax grown and woven in Europe.

Care: Machine wash warm and tumble dry low or hang to dry. 

Sizing: One size fits all and each dress can easily be taken to your local tailor to adjust the length. 

53 in (134.6 cm) tall
38 in (96.5 cm) wide


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