Antique Book: Le Silence de la Mer from 1947

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Rare antique book, Le Silence de la Mer, (Silence of the Sea and Put Out the Light in English), written by Jean Bruller (1902-1991), who used the pseudonym Vercors.

The first edition was secretly published in German-occupied Paris in 1942 and was a symbol of mental resistance against the occupation.

This copy is numbered 482 of 1500 when the book was reprinted in 1947 under Bruller's publishing company Les Éditions de Minuit

Bruller dedicated his novella to the memory of Paul-Pierre Roux, known as Saint-Pol-Roux, a French symbolist poet who he refers to as a poète assassiné. 

This book's cover has a simple palette and color to add to your styled shelfs or to gift a lover of French history.

13 x 19 cm / 5 x 7.4 in 

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