Le Jardin d'Hiver: Cinnamon-Orange Candle


Step into the enchanting embrace of Le Jardin d'Hiver, the Winter Garden.

Ignite the warmth of this candle with the inviting blend of orange and cinnamon, where the crisp citrus notes mingle with comforting spice. Let the flickering flame evoke the ambiance of festive gatherings and holiday joy, as the fragrance fills your space and transports you to the romance of Parisian winter gardens. Embrace the magic and let this candle whisk you away to a haven of seasonal bliss.

Burning time:
Enjoy the arôme magique of this candle for 45-50 hours depending on proper use.

Directions for best use:

  • When first used, let the candle burn for a minimum of 2 hours, or until the entire surface of the wax is liquid.
  • Before each use, cut the wick to about 5 mm.
  • If necessary, re-center the wick when the wax is liquid.
  • Do not let it burn for more than 4 consecutive hours.

Every one of our candles and their unique scents are specially made in Grasse, the fragrance capital of France. Listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity for its deep-rooted history and skill, fine artisans in Grasse have been making perfumes for Europe’s royal families since the 16th century. 

Each candle is made using traditional mineral wax enriched with vegetable oils to allow a more excellent diffusion of the scent. The wicks are 100% cotton and are delicately handmade using artisanal processes. 

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