Want to Rent Linens in The US? Meet Kathryn Frank.

Hey darlings! We get requests every month from planners and brides wanting to rent Madame de la Maison linens in the US. There is something special, and of course sustainable, about the romantic texture of 100% pure washed linen from Europe as well as our color range that can’t quite be found stateside...until now! 

Meet Kathryn Frank, the  newest member of the Madame de la Maison team, and our US representative. If you want to give your event a unique and elegant look with linens from France, she’ll have everything you need. I encourage you to reach out to discuss your upcoming events. 

I have enjoyed getting to know Kathryn over the past few years. She started as a client of the antiques shop and quickly turned into  trusted council before joining the team. She is currenlty based in Fort Worth, Texas, a city that I called home for four years in college.  I personally love Kathryn’s energy, sharp eye, and I’m excited for you to meet her and love her as much as I do. 

Ok Kathryn some basic background questions. Where are you from? 
I’m from Dallas, Texas, but then moved around quite a lot before settling in Fort Worth, Texas a few years ago. 

Tell us about some of the places you lived before ending up in Fort Worth. 
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, New York City, and Houston. I’ve loved living in different places because I love traveling and all the experiences that comes with that. Who knows where we could end up next, but I hope it’ s near a beach! 


Out of all these cities, which one was your favorite?
New York City for sure! I moved there after college and got a job working in the fashion industry. I have to say that I learned so much about myself during this time. I took a risk and moved to a city where I didn’t know a single person and managed to make a wonderful home and life for myself. I loved those days and really cherish that time because it really taught me independence and helped form the person I am today. But I have to be honest...I don’t miss the winters! 

I know you love entertaining and hosting like me, which is obviously one of the many things we connect about. What do you love most about being a hostess?
It’s about the guest. I love knowing everyone had a great time! Hands down that is what I love most….when everyone walks away happy and they have enjoyed themselves. With all the different pressures life brings it’s important to cut loose and have fun. Otherwise what is the point of living if you can’t share it with people?

What part of the planning process do you enjoy the most?  
I love choosing different themes. Even if it’s the smallest thing such as colors and flowers for a small dinner party. I enjoy having different looks for each gathering or party I host. It adds to the fun for me and for the guests I think.

As I shared we met through your love of antiques. What is one of your favorite antique finds? 
I found a unique, beautiful kelly green and cream large ceramic vase at the Round Top antiques fair. I’m obsessed with it!

What do you like the most about antiquing? Or treasure hunting as I like to call it? 
I like finding something unique that makes me smile and knowing the perfect place to put it or the perfect party to use it for. It doesn’t matter the brand name or where it’s from. I love to spot something and think about the perfect new use for it. 

Tell us about some of your favorite ways to use your time? Your hobbies?
I love to decorate so I have different items and pillows that I’m constantly changing out for different looks. I literally have a storage unit with plastic bins of pillows. It’s a ridiculous habit I know! I wish I could own like 10 houses then I could decorate them each differently with all the looks I love! 10 may actually not be enough!! 

I also love to dance! My kiddos and I have dance parties all the time. If it’s a kid free night there is nothing better than dancing till my feet hurt with good friends! I’m always the first one out on the dance floor! 

And your dream vacation spot?
Oh gosh! I love to travel! I literally can’t pick just one. I want to go everywhere and see and experience as many things as possible. Fun fact: when I was little I wanted to be a flight attendant. I thought how amazing it would be to fly around the world, meet so many people and see so many amazing things. It was all so glamorous to me as a little girl. 

Ok last question. What is your favorite linen color from the Madame de la Maison collection?
Oh gosh I love them all!!! So hard to choose! I’d have to say the Citron linens. The color is so cheerful and beautiful. Just makes me smile seeing it!

Thanks Kathryn for sharing some fun bits about your background.I am beyond excited to have you join the team and the US brides and planners are lucky to have your sharp eye helping them choose linens. You can email her at kathryn@madamedelamaison.com . 

Merci!! Xx, Ajiri

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