Bader Ranch at Round Top: Meet Shannon from Stash Style

Shannon from Stash Style

Shannon of Stash Style has all of your vintage clothing and accessories needs covered along with new unique one-of-a-kind clothing and home items at Bader Ranch. Shannon radiates cool-girl style with her amazing energy and her ability to mix-and-match and put together looks you would never see coming. Read more about Shannon below. Can’t make it to Round Top?? Check out her site here

MDLM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made the decision to start your own business.

Shannon: I am from Cleveland Ohio and have two boys that I raised in Rocky River, a community on Lake Erie just outside Cleveland. We love to take our 1959 Lyman out on the lake all summer long. I started my business, Stash Style, in 2001 as a retail boutique mostly selling antiques. 

MDLM: What inspires you to do what you do? Where does your inspiration come from?

Shannon: I went to school at Columbia Arts School in Chicago and opening a store was never really on my radar but a beautiful location opened up around the corner from my house. I worked in retail all through high school and college, so I guess it wasn't too out of my wheelhouse.  

Stash Style

MDLM: What made you decide to show at Round Top?

Shannon: This spring Round Top show marks my 10th anniversary! I read about the event in magazines and books, it was definitely on my bucket list!  A few years in I transitioned my business to wholesale and was setting up at numerous trade shows. Round Top was a great way to meet people with boutiques and was more personal than the typical trade show. I liked the vibe.

MDLM: What are some of your favorite vendors or spots to shop, eat, and stay at Round Top?

Shannon: I love shopping in the fields in Warrenton. I could wander and talk to folks all day long.  Round Top has changed drastically over the years that I have been. It has grown to be so much more than just a flea market. There are great restaurant options and more live music and parties.  Sometimes it's hard to call it work! Bader Ranch is where I call home and obviously my favorite venue with shopping, wonderful food, drinks, and the best spot on RT 237 to watch the sunset, and I love a good sunset!  

Stash Style

MDLM: Is there anything new on the horizon for your company? Is there a favorite piece you have in the shop now?

Shannon: There will be some great new vintage pieces only available at Bader Ranch! 

MDLM: Round Top is such a great place to meet people and come together. A quote we live by at MDLM is “fellowship is life” by the early 20th century textile designer William Morris. What does that mean to you?

Shannon: I have made some of my best friends in these Texas fields and definitely my favorite memories.  My son Gavin was even able to come help last spring during his senior year of college because all classes were virtual. (A covid blessing for me.) He finally experienced first hand what I had been talking about for years and he LOVED it! 

Stash Style

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