Bader Ranch at Round Top: Meet Patrice and Gloria from Jardin de France

Jardin de France Patrice and Gloria

Patrice and Gloria of Jardin de France bring the French flea market to Round Top, Texas, with one-of-a-kind antique furniture finds direct from Europe along with a collection of plants and succulents that turns Bader Ranch into a French wonderland you can get lost in. Read more about Patrice and Gloria who are ultimate “couple goals” below. You can also visit their website here. 

MDLM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made the decision to start your own business.

Patrice and Gloria: We are a husband and wife team. We first came to Round Top as shoppers 25 years ago and fell in love. Ten years ago we had our first show at The Arbors venue. At that time, Patrice’s brother was a partner in the business and he handled the shopping in France.

MDLM: What inspires you to do what you do? Where does your inspiration come from?

Patrice and Gloria: We absolutely love what we do and that’s our main inspiration. Bringing special pieces from France to our customers is a joy!

Jardin de France

MDLM: What made you decide to show at Round Top?

Patrice and Gloria: Round Top is the Mecca of antiques in the US, the choice was easy. The proximity to Houston, where we live part-time, is also a plus.

MDLM: What are some of your favorite vendors or spots to shop, eat, and stay at Round Top?

Patrice and Gloria: Our favorite place to eat is Bader Ranch and Gino & Nate’s restaurant in Market Hill. We also love Prost! For shopping, all the venues and fields in Round Top and Warrenton offer something special, we love the whole thing!

Jardin de France

MDLM: Is there anything new on the horizon for your company? Is there a favorite piece you have in the shop now?

Patrice and Gloria: For this show, we are bringing 3 containers from France. We are also embarking on a remodeling job at our Houston shop. Summer in France is also on the horizon.

MDLM: Round Top is such a great place to meet people and come together. A quote we live by at MDLM is “fellowship is life” by the early 20th century textile designer William Morris. What does that mean to you?

Patrice and Gloria: Round Top is a wonderful community of vendors and buyers and the local people that call Round Top home all year round. Fellowship is definitely something we have experienced in Round Top and we are so grateful for that!

Jardin de France

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