Bader Ranch at Round Top: Meet Nick from Y Comida

 Nick from Y Comida

At Bader Ranch, not only is there incredible shopping but you can also enjoy a drink and a fabulous meal. Enter private chef Nick of Y Comida. Nick and the entire Y Comida team spend two weeks each Round Top Show slaying an incredible six-course meal that rivals any Michelin star restaurant. He truly embodies Madame de la Maison’s love for a great meal and time spent in laughter and fellowship around the table. Read more about Nick below. To make reservations for the Spring Show, please click here. Better hurry because reservations book up fast! 

MDLM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made the decision to start your business. 

Nick: As a kid, I always had a fascination with those individuals that were able to have the freedom to pursue their own passions, however different they may be. As you get older, you quickly learn that in order to chase what interests you, sometimes you have to start your own route. I was lucky enough to work at a great restaurant in Austin that allowed me to garner enough interest to be able to branch off on my own and I've done my best to not take that for granted. I've been cooking since I was a little kid in south Texas, I mean, my first restaurant was a pop-up diner (hand-drawn menu and all) that I made for my parents’ anniversary in our living room when I was nine; so this has been a lifelong passion.

MDLM: What inspires you to do what you do? Where does your inspiration come from? 

Nick: Honestly, the guests are what really inspires me, and our whole concept. We named the restaurant "Y Comida" as a nod to what we want to be able to provide. At a great dinner, food is just a part of the equation. A great dinner is the friends, the conversations, the family, and a few hours away from the outside world where you can really connect. Simply put, we're inspired to make the food that makes you want to have a great dinner.

MDLM: What made you decide to show at Round Top?

Nick: The venue is what sold it for me. Bader Ranch is about as perfect of a spot to call home as you can ask for. We are also booked with private events throughout Texas and Louisiana for most of the year, so I love the idea of being able to have something open to the public seasonally that allows us to throw a dinner party for two weeks.

MDLM: What are some of your favorite vendors or spots to shop, eat, and stay at Round Top?

Nick: This one is tough since I spend so much time at the restaurant but I do love popping into Sissy Light, Jardin de France, and the Mercantile has saved my life more times than I care to admit. This year my goal is to get out and explore more, especially if there's coffee involved! 

MDLM: Is there anything new on the horizon for your company? Is there a favorite piece you have in the shop now?

Nick: Right now we're lucky enough to be booked with private events until July, with some really interesting larger partnerships and opportunities we're evaluating. Food-wise we've been digging deeper into researching French desserts (our current cake traces back to Paris in the 1840s) as well as furthering our understanding of Mexican ingredients and our heritage.

MDLM: Round Top is such a great place to meet people and come together. A quote we live by at MDLM is “fellowship is life” by the early 20th century textile designer William Morris. What does that mean to you?

Nick: Oh, there's nothing quite like the fellowship of the cooks in a hot kitchen with a full rack of tickets and a packed restaurant. In Round Top specifically, we all essentially live together throughout the show and the crew truly is the heartbeat of the restaurant. Fellowship is life, fellowship is the best way to have a great meal.


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